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Joseph Laroche-Black History Is Everyone’s History

Where We All Come From

Joseph Laroche

Did you know that there was a Black man aboard the famed Titanic?

Laroche, his pregnant wife, and two daughters were all onboard the fated ship. Ironically, they were not supposed to be on the ship in the first place. Laroche and his family were supposed to sail on the La France and held first-class tickets. However, the policy of the ship was that no children would be allowed in the dining room. Wanting the family to dine together, Laroche traded in his first-class tickets for second class tickets on the fated Titanic. Laroche would be the only member of his family to perish thanks to the unorganized efforts to excavate passengers by sex and class. Laroche’s wife gave birth to their only son in December of that same year and named him after his father.

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