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Black History Is Everyone’s History-Carter G. Woodson

Where We All Come From

Did you know that Carter G. Woodson is the founder of Negro History Week that turned into Negro History Month? Many people complain that Black people have made the most substantial contributions to American and have a rich history that is seldom recognized or discussed. Do you know why Negro History Week took place in February? When Woodson was idealizing the theory surrounding celebrating Black History, he wanted it to be when it mattered most to Black people. With Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Frederick Douglass celebrating birthdays with a short period of one another, Woodson thought that Black History Week should be celebrated the second week of February. With the expansion of the celebration, the week turned into a month. So, in 1976 Negro History Week became Black History Month. Black History is every day, so take a minute to ask yourself what black people had to do with that. That being anything that you hear or learn about. I bet you find something good and interesting.

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