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A Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures

I woke up this morning inspired and so I feel like inspiring.  Toni Morrison has always been a role model of sorts for me.  I was first introduced to her in the eighth grade when my teacher told me about a book called “The Bluest Eye”.  I had written a short story called, “Curls” about a little black girl who wanted to have blond straight hair.  My teacher asked me if I had ever heard of Morrison or her book.  Of course I had not.  The next Monday my teacher gifted me that book.  I had finished it by that Friday.  I understood flattery and I was flattered that my teacher thought that my story reminded her of this work.  I went on to read everything that Morrison would write.  Morrison had become an unseen mentor for me in a lot of ways.

I remember when Morrison’s book, “Beloved” was first published because it was on the Essence book club list; a list that has introduced me to the likes of some of the best African-American writers of our time. I also remember reading about how “Beloved” had been snubbed for several awards and how African-American literary critics stood up for this great work and made a huge fuss about how unfair the treatment of this book had been.  Morrison would go on to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction for “Beloved”.  This action and reaction made me understand the power of words and the power of words as literature.  The message that is conveyed in literature should not be narrowed or limited simply because some may not agree.

Have you ever heard that when a person is in a coma that you should talk to them?  That they can hear you?  I have.  Our minds respond to words.  Even as children we understand words long before we can speak write or read them.  Words are powerful tools that when constructed properly can bring the dying back to life.

As a writer, I know that we will not always gain notoriety for the work that we put forth.  My goal is to change the lives of the people or even the person who does happen upon my work.  There is only one thing more powerful than money…words.  Words can make you or they can break you both literally and figuratively.  As a writer it is important that we understand that and that we always put our best WORD forward.

Think about it.  Everything that we do, we do it in words.  An idea is a thought in words even if it is a vision.  If you see a building it it’s a visual, but you think it in a word.

I believe that we can change the world for good or for bad with words.  Why not do our best?

To whom much is given, much is required. WE were given the gift of WORDS.  Give freely and with grace.

The Writer

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