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Bye Felecia, I Mean Roseanne

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Some people never get a second chance, and I can name a few, Isaiah Washington, Colin Kaepernick, Monique, to name a few.  Roseanne Barr was given an opportunity to make the comeback of a lifetime, and with a single Tweet, she defamed herself.  I realize that some people want to take her side and argue that she should be allowed to apologize and move on.

I do not stand in favor of that action plan.  I don’t think that her show should be brought back in any way, shape, form or fashion.  In fact, I never thought the show should have been brought back.  Roseanne Barr has shown us for years who she is, what she believes and how she will behave.  I say leave her ass on her nut farm where she belongs.

Disney and ABC did the right thing and others should follow suit.  How long will we be a Country that allows blatant racism and sexism among those who have a platform to make a difference?  There is, in fact, a trickle-down effect.  Once others begin to see that behavior like Barr’s will not be tolerated then actions will soon speak louder than words.

Yes, this is America, and we do have freedom of speech.  We also have the freedom to decide who we will allow to appear on television, on magazine covers, and on the radio.  You don’t have to be a role model to be held accountable or to be expected to act appropriately.  You do, however, have to be held responsible for your actions when they are in a public forum.

I mean, come on. Who would think what she said was funny except another hateful person?  We all know that drunk people tell the truth.  I think that if you want to know who someone really is, give them a few drinks and wait a while because the real them will show up.  If she was, in fact, taking Ambien and Tweeting, it still is not a valid argument for what she said.  People that talk in their sleep tell the truth and people that walk in their sleep go places they want to be. So, people who Tweet in their sleep may be doing it subconsciously, but that is even worse because they have hit the part of the conscious that we as ordinary people ignore most of the time, but it is the part that holds the truth.

I have never been a Roseanne fan.  I will never be a Roseanne fan, and I think that we should put Roseanne with Felecia and say, “BYE”!!

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