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Women’s History Month

Our History Is Your History

Elizabeth Magie (May 9, 1866-March 1948)

Was a feminist, writer, and game creator. Magie created The Landlord’s game to teach and discuss economics. Magie’s father was a friend of Abraham Lincoln’s and accompanied him on travels and debates.  Magie was born in Illinois but raised on the East coast.  Magie would later return to her Midwest, but she would not stay long.  Magie sought Parker Brothers to publish her card game. Magie held the patent for The Landlord’s Game and it was published in other countries under various names, but due to international patent rights, Magie may not have owned International rights to her game. 

Initially, Parker Brothers and Charles Darrow stole the idea for Monopoly right from under Magie. Magie protested and tried desperately to fight for the rights to the game she’d invented to no avail.  Magie was paid only $500 initially and would not receive full credit for her invention until after her death. 

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