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I am working diligently on a few different projects. I carry my iPad everywhere; I have writing software on my phone. I print out copies to carry in my purse. I eat, sleep, walk, talk and live writing.

Here’s the thing, this is not something new. I have always felt like this. What is happening to me now is something that I have waited a lifetime to acquire. What is it you ask? Good question. It is that point where it no longer matters what other people will say about you or your work. Ok, so let me be clear. That means that you are ready for whatever comes. You are prepared for the good, the bad, and the straight up haters. You will get all of that. I was not prepared before because I was still willing to hit someone upside the head about my writing. Now, I am ready to accept that my art is just like everyone else, different strokes for different folks. I cannot tell you how freeing that is.

Getting to this point is not something you can say you are going to do. No. You have to graduate to it. If I could have spoken it into existence, I would have done that a long time ago. I was not ready. I was being prepared for it. I couldn’t skip a step or stop and start when I wanted to. No. I had to earn it word by word.

I still have meltdowns, and I have to be rescued by my sister or my husband or my dog. Yes, my dog knows how to give me love CPR. But the reality of it is that I have freed myself of the worry of it. I don’t know what another person may think is good or bad, but I know for sure what I think is good and bad, and for me, that is what matters.

For all of you self-published authors, I want you to know that I chose to self-publish this book because I wanted to take every step myself to understand the journey. I understand! I have something special in the works for you though, so hold tight.

I want to say to those writers who have started and stopped and for whatever reason have not come back to their art, that if writing was something you always wanted to do, then you still should. If you wrote a book and you feel like you are good with that and having that one book published was all you needed to do then fine, but for that raw writer, the one who gave it up for all of the wrong reasons, know that someone somewhere is looking for you. Someone is waiting on your next piece. We are born to do what we do. If you believe anything different, you need to call me.

The Writer

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