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Waiting On The World To Change

‘All appears to change when we change.”  Henri-Frederic Amiel

Someone once told me that people don’t change.  I almost believed them, but I had to take note of myself.  I had to step back and look at where I came from and what I had been doing, and I had to ask myself if I had changed. The answer shocked me.  I had changed. I was not the same person that I was at fifteen, eighteen, twenty-one, thirty, forty. I had changed, evolved, grown into a new and what I thought to be a better person. Your world is how you see it, but you should always take the time to see it from other perspectives. When I look at things through the eyes of others, I am reminded that we aren’t that different after all.  My truth may not be your truth, but we all have truth.  My struggle may not be your struggle, but we all have struggled.  I am a feminist, and because I am, I tend to put feminist issues before other things that other people may think is more important.  Is that a good thing? Not for the person whose point I have not regarded with enough importance. I had to find a happy medium that allowed me to change and be more sensitive to the issues of others. When you change our perspective, you have the power to change the world, your world anyway. After all, you must live in it, so it might as well be fabulous.

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