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ThreePeat (Spoilers)

Have you ever watched Lifetime?  I was sitting home writing and decided to take a break, eat some food, and watch a little television. I saw an article about Lifetime having some new African American content, so I thought I would give it a shot.

Out of about thirty Christmas movies three of them had African American leads. I started with the one starring Toni Braxton. This was a remake of A Christmas Carol or Scrooged or a hundred other films with past, present and future visions about what will or won’t happen if you don’t do right by people at Christmas.

Next up was the one with Tatyana Ali, Keisha Knight Pulliam, and Tempest Bledsoe. This one offered up pretty much the same storyline — a black woman lost in her work unable to find love because of it.

Last was the one with Tia Mowry, and again I found the same storyline. Black women caught up in work and don’t have time for love or Christmas.

Pick which one of these actresses you like the best and watch that one and you have pretty much seen them all. This was supposed to be a short break from writing, but it turned into about five hours of television, two more researching African American Christmas movies and three more outlining a script.

I don’t want to be the Grinch or the Scrooge or any of the bad guys who ruined Christmas. I know that there are other stories out there. We only have a hand full of Christmas movies with a black cast, and if you think about it, even those tell us pretty much the same story. The exception to these repeat scripts would be The Best Man Holiday and The Last Holiday.

We have seen in the past few years the rebooting of old sitcoms, remakes of old movies and revivals of series that should have died a long time ago. I am not sure why Hollywood thinks it is worth their money to keep making the same stuff over and over. There are lots of eager writer’s (me, pick me) that would love the opportunity to become showrunners. We can’t even get our scripts in front of anyone. There was a time when the holidays were great for television and going to the movies. Now I have over a hundred channels, Netflix, HULU and a bunch of digital movies and still nothing to watch.

The Writer (not a repeater)

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