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The Grinch

It always tickles me when during the holiday season people are rude as hell. So, I’m out at the mall minding my own business, touching everything (don’t even ask) and choosing what I like and what I don’t like when all of a sudden I hear, “What good are you? If you can’t call the credit card company to find out what the issue is, why are you at the register?” Ok, so the old me would have been standing right up front being nosey trying to see what was going on, the new me was behind the tallest rack I could find closest to an exit in case someone started shooting (still trying to find out what was going on). Sad, but true, I live in Chiraq, and people have been shot for less, so…

The lady who is doing the yelling has a Bluetooth headset in her ear, so I’m guessing she has a phone unless it is a fashion statement now to wear the thingy in your ear. IDK. I hate talking on the phone. Text me. So, why would the cashier need to call about her credit card that is being declined? Did ya check your balance before you left home? Do you have the card app on your phone? The poor cashier looks stressed out and scared to damn death. It is funny, but not funny.

If my card is being declined, I’m pretty sure I would not want the world to know it, and I would probably go off to the side quietly and try to get the issue resolved and not stand in the middle of the store screaming. It’s supposed to be the time of joy and giving. Why are so many people stressed out? If shopping causes you to act like that then maybe you should make your gifts. Buy all the stuff you need in the summer, sit in a corner somewhere and make your gifts.

I am too damn nosey. I swear I should have gotten my ass out of there, but now I have to see what happens. Why? IDK. Enquiring minds. The woman keeping up the fuss does have a phone. Well, imagine that. I’m watching her as she swipes and pokes and makes all types of faces. Then she shoves the phone in the cashier’s face and says, “Look, I have money on my card. You need to do it again, and this time you need to do it right. I don’t want it charged to me two or three times blocking up my spending.” The cashier still looking scared, but confident, says, “Ma’am, you are showing me what looks like a Visa card app, and you are trying to pay with a MasterCard.” BOOM!!! The woman keeping up the fuss looks at the card the cashier is handing her, and she snatches it from her and rambles in her purse for a wallet and then produces the right card.

Not only am I nosey, but I’m no poker player. My thoughts are usually all over my face. I don’t even realize that while I’m watching this crazy lady, someone is watching me. I’m trying to hold in my laugh, but it is not working, and the woman standing next to me just starts cracking up. I look at her, and I lose it.

I can’t make this stuff up. It was so funny, but sad too because the woman paying never apologized to the cashier and she had the nerve to snatch her bags. RUDE!!

Merry Christmas!

The Writer

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