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The First Black

Have you ever wondered who the first person to do something was? I wonder about that all of the time. I wonder what the first word was, who the first person to write a word was, who created the first book? All of these things take up space in what I consider to be the overflowing portals of my brain. More than just those thoughts though, I wonder who the first Black person was to do things. I found myself Googling these questions in the middle of the night and reading what some would consider useless knowledge.

 I, however, don’t believe that any knowledge is useless. I will share with you each week a few of the fun facts that I find in my Google searches.  Some you already know while others you may fall upon for the first time.  Either way, I hope that you will share the information with someone else so that these great firsts don’t become lasts.

1995- The Jefferson’s was on television for eleven seasons and is the longest running black series. 

What will you be the first to do?

The Writer

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