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Strong Rooted Volume II: May 31, 2018

Carol Moseley Braun, Born August 16, 1947, In Chicago, Illinois, is the daughter of a Chicago police officer and medical technician. Braun attended the University of Illinois at Champagne-Urbana but graduated from the University of Illinois-Chicago with a degree in political science. Braun would go on to earn a Law Degree from The University of Chicago.

To be the first at something meaningful is phenomenal, and what a phenomenal woman Ms. Braun is. Braun was the first African American Senator for the Democratic Party, the first female African American Senator, and the first female Senator for the State of Illinois. Lastly, Braun was the first woman to wear pants on the Senate floor, defying a long-standing rule that would be abolished in 1993.

Braun has also served as the U.S. Ambassador to Samoa and New Zealand, as well as U.S. Senator for the State of Illinois and the Recorder of Deeds of Cook County.

Braun ran for Mayor of Chicago in 2011 but was defeated by current Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Carole Mosley Braun is also an honorary member of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

Thank you, Carole Mosley Braun, for all that you have done for the advancement of women. We appreciate you!

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