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Square Peg In A Round Hole

“We’re not meant to fit in.  We’re meant to stand out.”  Sarah Ban Breathnach

I am a non-conformist.  I have always been this way.  It is not being difficult or attention seeking or any of those things that a child can be labeled as.  I was actually shy.  I realized very quickly that if my brothers knew my weakness I would be in trouble.  I forced myself out of that way of thinking almost to a fault.  I wanted no part of vulnerability, so I was aggressive.  Ok.  I’m still a little aggressive.  I have learned to roll it back a little, but this personality was created as a direct result of not wanting to be taken advantage of.  My entire life I have strived to be the best.  I am always the best.  I am the best me that I can be all of the time.  I stand out.  I do because I am the only me that the world is going to get.  I don’t care if it is liked or loved or hated or despised.  Do you.  I will always do me. What makes me different is not something that I had to make up or invent.  What makes me different is in fact how I was made.  The things I did as a child to become the adult I am today make me stand out.  I think outside of the box all of the time.  There is no spoon.

The Writer

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