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Quote of The Week January 24, 2018

No man is free who is not master of himself .-Epictetus

What was it about the Garden of Eden? Was there really such a place or is it a metaphor? I could argue both ways all day long. The reality is that it doesn’t matter right now. Free will is so powerful until half the time we don’t even understand that it is holding us captive. How free are we are bound by time, my favorite part of the Wonder Woman movie was when she asked him what the watch was. Why were watches needed? The hours of the day used to be calculated by the sun. A man could not and still cannot control time, so he makes time that he can control without realizing that time is actually controlling him. Imagine being so free that the hours of the day didn’t matter. Some people are held captive by their jobs, others by their beliefs or lack thereof and still others enslaved by the limitations of their minds.

There is no spoon.-The Matrix

The Writer

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