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Quote of The Week January 17, 2018

Man is the only creature which rises by bowing, for he finds elevation in his subjection to his Maker.-Anon

When I read this, I thought about all of the celebrities who have taken a knee for justice.  There is power in understanding when to take a knee and when to stand firm on your feet.  Women Swoon when men get on one knee and ask for their hand in marriage.  Kings and Queens of old required that their subjects bowed before them in honor and respect of their power and title and while it is not written that you must bow to speak with God, it is humbling.  Even on our feet, we can never see eye to eye with God, but bending a knee is symbolic of faith. Humble is the way. Believe in something and something, give your entire self to something, bow to something and watch it manifest.

I am made in the image and the likeness of my God.  I subject myself, to myself for all the glory that is good and pure in the world.

The Writer

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