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Question Of The Week

if you don’t believe in God, what do you believe in? If you do believe in God, why?

I certainly believe in a higher power. I can’t help but believe in a higher power. I have been through too many tough situations to not believe in a higher power. I would have no way to explain how I have made it this far in my life if I didn’t believe in God.

I understand that some people expect God to be this huge person that holds the world in the palm of his hand and works miracles.

I don’t and can’t believe that. I believe first and foremost that God is a feminine force. I don’t think that she ever takes on a body. I think that her powers are such that she speaks to the hearts and minds of those she has created in her image and after her likeness. She is so diverse that we can have many colors, many faces, and many minds. I do believe her son, Jesus, was sent in the flesh, to be an example to humans on how to live, how to love, and how to treat one another. I do believe that Jesus was a person of color. I believe that God chose a woman of color on purpose.

Look at the world and how women of color are treated. We are the last ones in line for most things good. If we can push through all of the fault finding and negativity and find that pureness that lives within us, women of color could realize that they are more than the world has told them they are. They are chosen by God, a She-God, to deliver a son who is capable of doing anything.

I Believe.

The Writer

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