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Question Of The Week

Would you date a person that has children by more than one person?

I would have to say yes. I would. I would have stipulations, of course.

I need to meet the mothers and, if nothing else, exchange phone numbers and let them know that I am open to conversation.

I will not be told that I cannot tell a child when they are wrong. A child is a child is a child, so if I am in a relationship, and the children will be around, they can expect to be told when they are out of order. If the parents can’t handle that, I gotta move on. I will not have a kid dictating anything to me. I don’t care whose kids they are.

That goes for Wesley’s kid’s too. IJS. I would call off a relationship if a month down the line. I’m just finding out he even has kids. That is a testament to the person, in my opinion. I’m telling a guy from the jump, and I got grown kids, and this that and the other. I’m not waiting.

I think this is why God chose to marry me off. I’m not sure I would survive the dating game. I would be old and alone.

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