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Question Of The Week

What movie endings have left you hanging to the point of anger?

I have always been a huge fan of books, television, and movies, so I follow a lot of shows. That said, I have been disappointed recently on how some of my favorites have ended. The three that stand out the most would be Game of Thrones, Power, and Grey’s Anatomy. I know Grey’s didn’t end, but it ended for me when Alex Karev was not given his proper good-bye, so yea, I’m done.

Game of Thrones -I have to be honest and tell you that I did not watch the show when it initially started. I binge-watched all of the seasons over a year to be ready for the series finale. I was READY! But, I wasn’t prepared for that ending. I don’t’ think anyone was. It was stupid and disrespectful. Had I spent years with the show like other viewers, I would have been livid. Not that a year of my time should be minimalized. As a writer, I am all for shock value, but it has to make sense. It has to follow the storyline of the character. What about this kid’s life said that he would one day be king? Not a damn thing. Terrible.

Moving on.

Power-I have watched this show since it’s inception, and it was a great ride. I think it was well written, and the characters were well rounded and thought out. I am team Tommy all day every day. I have disliked Ghost since episode one. So what is my issue? Here we go. We as black women are always the last whether we do it to ourselves, or it is done to us, we are last. Thinking about that, I was furious with how Tasha was treated. The showrunner is a black woman, so it was baffling to me as to why the black woman did not come out on top. Tasha lost everything and gave everything. Her baby was murdered, she was cheated on, her husband killed her lover, her son is a tyrant, her best friend turned on her out of jealousy (she had to die), and Tasha is just supposed to carry that on her shoulders along with prison for a murder she didn’t commit? What is really messy is that the DA took the word of a known felon. They didn’t have Tasha on video, only him. What proof do they have that she went to TRUTH? None! Stupid.

Grey’s Anatomy- I mourn forever, it seems. So, I was still reeling in grief over the loss of Christina, and then Alex leaves the show. There are plenty of rumors about why he left, and they are all things that I would think could have been negotiated if all parties were willing. I know it is called Grey’s Anatomy, but I have never been a fan of Meredith’s. I was never a fan of Derrick’s either, so no grief there. Alex, however, I loved for some reason. I didn’t like Izzy’s character or the actor who portrayed her, so I could care less where her crazy ghost seeing ass was or what she was doing. For the writers to put Alex back with Izzy to me seemed like a slap in the face. We know what the actor who portrayed Izzy (I will never type her name) said about the shows writing, and we know the fan reaction to it. So, to associate Alex with that character was a low blow and, in my opinion, disrespectful to the fans.

Loyalty goes both ways. You want me to remain a fan of your show and your creations; then, you have to be true to the characters and actors. If you are not loyal to them, there is no way that you will be loyal to me. Now that I have learned this lesson from several different shows, I am pleased to say that I will write the show that I want to see and save my loyalty for the characters that I create.

That’s just me.

The Writer

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