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143-How Do You Love?

I was watching a documentary about Mr. Rogers, and 143 was explained. It got me thinking about how people love. If love is to be defined, then it must mean that it has the potential to look the same, feel the same, be the same. I took great effort in trying to understand that concept better because it was always told to me that love looks different to everyone and that you have to allow people to love you in there own way. That made me wonder how a person feels love. When love is not expressed how you understand it or how you think it should be expressed, how do you know it’s love? How do you express love so that the person it is planned for can receive it?

For me, it is all in my actions. People may not remember what you say, but they will likely remember what you do and how you made them feel. It may not be ideal for everyone, and it may even make people uncomfortable, but the way that I love is by giving. This year I have dedicated to giving more to me. I understand that knowing what love feels like means loving yourself. If you love yourself, you will remember how you feel when you are loved.

Love yourself. 1-I, 4=LOVE, 3=You.

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