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Positively Speaking-My Prerogative (Spoiler Alert)

If you write it, I will read it or listen to it. At some point anyway. So, I did. I listened to “Every Little Step” I am not ashamed to tell you that I enjoyed it. I was actually entertained. I laughed, cried, gasped and cussed, but I enjoyed the book.

Living in the limelight isn’t’ easy. This may sound funny to some and others may simply agree or disagree, but I believe that Bobby Brown is a chosen spiritual being. I don’t know the man’s religious preferences or beliefs, so this is based on what I heard in the book and what I have heard for the many years that he has been entertaining us.

Growing up in the projects with a drug dealing mother who was arrested and caused him to be put into foster care where he was molested was enough for one lifetime, but there was more. Eating cocaine fried chicken, being shot, being lied to and stolen from by people he trusted, having sex with a ghost (don’t even ask, but I believe him), having sex with midgets, being told by one of the world’s most famous entertainers that she can no longer see you because her father does not want her to date Black men (she is a black woman), and then going on to marry the greatest singer of all times, have a child with her and a marriage that based on what the book says would have broken the strongest of men. Bobby Brown has indeed had a very exciting life. Losing both parents, an ex-wife and a daughter all in the span of five years while still holding on the to the fact that he saw his childhood best friend murdered over a bike had to be devastating.

I jokingly say that Bobby Brown is crazy. I don’t think that he is certifiably nuts, but I do believe that he will get with you if you come for him or his and rightfully so. I will not allow Bobby Brown to be seen as a victim, because that, he is not. He is a grown man and what grown people do they have to be held accountable for. I do wish for the day that the Houston family apologizes to him for having the world thinking that he took one of the greatest voices in the world and ruined her to the point of no return. I wish that for him.

If you have not read or listened to “Every Little Step” I would recommend it. Fan or not, it is worth the time, and it is a quick read/listen.

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