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Paradise, Finders Keepers

While studying for my Bachelor’s degree, I had the wonderful experience of spending thirty-two weeks with the epic poem Paradise Lost. First of all, I had no idea what an epic poem was. Second of all this should have been called Moby Dick because it was just as long.

I wish that I could lie and say that I hated every minute of it, but that was not the case. I liked it. Ok, not all of it, but most of it. I was fascinated by it because it intrigued me. I am a forever student, so anything that teaches me something will get my attention.

I have studied metaphysics and angels, and I know a little something, something. I always question people who depicted Lucifer as some ugly demonic type spirit when it is written that he is the most beautiful of beautiful angels. Makes sense to me, people are easily fooled by what they see, so why wouldn’t he be beautiful? This poem, this epic poem, told a story that made so much sense to me that I had and still have a hard time believing that it is made up. No. it has to be true. John Milton has to be some sort of time traveler, and he knows things. Of this I am certain. This post isn’t about Lucifer, but instead, it is about Michael. Some call him Saint Michael, but he is not a Saint, I never found anything that declared him a Saint. Instead, he is an archangel. People like to stick to the simple and will claim either 3 or 7 archangels. Either way is not the number I would claim. I would say eight because Lucifer was an archangel too, let us not forget that.

Anyhow, people wear medallions of what they call St. Michael and like those nine dancing ladies (read the post), I am curious as to why. Ok, I know why, but how. Ok, I know how, but why? See how that goes? I was put out of Catholic school for asking questions about stuff that made no logical sense to me. I was bummed about it at first because I didn’t understand how they could put me out for asking questions: their school, their rules. I went to public school for seventh grade and ended up graduating a year early. Cool. A win for me. Still never answered the question of how Michael got to be a Saint and Lucifer got to be ugly. Some will argue that it was Dante who came up with how Lucifer should look. Maybe.

Everything that I write or post is to make people think. To have thought is to live. Sometimes our thoughts are questions that are unappreciated due to timing or reasons we may never understand, but at other times, our thoughts can change lives, including our own. Don’t believe everything that you see or hear. Think for yourself and even if someone makes a good argument and brings receipts as the kids say does not mean that you have to concede. Your thoughts are your own. Own them.

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