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Not In 2019

As a writer, I am always working on a lot of projects at once. I have all sorts of things brewing. I am forever grateful to my muse. The one thing I noticed this year in preparing to start publishing my own works is that there are projects that I started in 2016 and 2017 that I have not touched. Some of them are complete and might need some tweaking or whatever, but others are just at the climax, and I have not gone back to check on them.

Imagine a great action movie paused right when the hero is about to jump from the cliff with the person she is trying to save, and we don’t know if they are going to make it into the lifeboat beneath them. What if the movie never continues to play from there? We are all stuck in suspense, and the characters are dangling in the air for all time. That is how I feel I have left my characters. I have to do better if I want to be better. I truly do want to be better.

Being better does not come by simply wanting it. That is a beautiful start, but you have to do the work that will make you better. I don’t make resolutions, but I do make note of where I can improve. I have a fan base now that I am so proud of. I want to keep you reading my work and looking forward to the next great thing. I will honor my muse and make sure that I am giving my projects their due diligence. In 2019 if I write it, you will have the opportunity to read it. Even scripts. Coming in 2019 I will be adding a page on the blog where my fans can read my finished scripts for my film shorts, television, and feature-length film ideas. I hope that you enjoy it and are willing to pass it along to the next person.

It is an honor to write with you at heart. To all of the characters left dangling in the air, under a desk dead, mid-sentence not sure what to say next, or just chilling waiting for their next scene, get ready because 2019 is giving you life!

The Writer

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