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Movie of The Week

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Movie Of The Week

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Three of four stars

Prismatic Star Line Art
Prismatic Star Line Art
Prismatic Star Line Art

Written by Tom O’Connor

Directed by Patrick Hughes

Starring:        Samuel L. Jackson

Ryan Reynolds

Gary Oldman

Salma Hayek

iTunes Release: November 2017

There is nothing better to me than hearing Samuel L. Jackson call somebody a muther fucker. I think that is the classic!

The movie is set in Europe and is set around the testimony of hitman Darius Kincaid to put a murderous ruler, Vladislav Dukhovich (Gary Oldman) in jail for genocide. Darius is willing to provide his testimony to see his wife Sonia (Salma Hayek) who is a Dutch prison go free.

Dukhovich is not willing to go to jail and as a result, has his own team of goons assigned to kill Kincaid and anyone who tries to keep him alive. Darius is supposed to be on a forty-six-hour transport to Amsterdam to testify, but the team of Interpol agents assigned to protect his is lead by a rookie, Amelia who is in over her head. After being infiltrated Amelia calls in a favor to ex-boyfriend Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) who is loathing over a client he was supposed to be protecting being killed. Michael thought that Amelia had something to do with his client being killed and that lead to their break-up.

Reynolds and Jackson make a great comedic/action team. Salma Hayek delivers a performance we haven’t seen from her since Everly.

With a soundtrack from the 80’s, action and Samuel L. Jackson muther-fucking all through the movie, you can’t go wrong. I see a sequel for this, and I hope they don’t wait years to do it.

Happy Viewing

The Writer

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