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Making Me Wrong Does Not Make You Right

I had a conversation with one of the young ladies that I mentor and she told me that she feels like people don’t take her seriously because she is always doing something wrong.  I asked her what she had done wrong and she went on to tell me what other people said that she had done wrong.

“Oh, I see.”

“So, what did you do wrong?”

Again, she went on to explain why people thought that she was wrong.  I stopped her right there.

How many times have we all had to be wrong so that someone else could be right?  It doesn’t matter what the number of times adds up to.  Each time that we submit and give up the right for the wrong we lose a piece of ourselves.  We lose the opportunity to correct an error that could grow into something bigger than we could even imagine.

Maybe we have done this just as many times as it has been done to us.  Either way there comes a time for it to end.  Two wrongs do not make a right and giving up the right for the wrong is not a viable solution.  We must learn to agree to disagree without losing that part of us that makes us uniquely who we are.

Take it from a person who gave until there was almost nothing left.  I too had to learn that I have a right to my own rights and my own wrongs.  We do not have to argue our case in order to let someone know that we disagree.  Simply saying that you disagree is enough.  If they ask why and you feel that the explanation is worthwhile then give one, but be comfortable knowing that you don’t owe anyone anything.

Once we figured out that there was nothing wrong with my mentee we decided that she should go for some of the things she was feeling insecure about and stand her ground.  Know your worth.  If you don’t know who you are people will be happy to tell you.

A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

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