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January Quote of The Week January 10, 2018

Friendship is a plant which must be often watered.—Anon

It is true.  We have to water that plant of friendship in order for the roots to continue to grow.  If you don’t water it the soil will become hard and it will crack and crumble.  It is not true that some people are not good at friendship.  The truth is that some people are not good at choosing the right friends. We often choose our friends, lovers, and spouses to make up what we lack.  It is true.  If you have a terrible temper, you don’t marry someone else with a terrible temper.  You marry the person that can deal with your terrible temper.  The same goes for friendship.  People love to be pushed to be better and that is what real friends do. Real friends do not put up with your mess just to remain your friend, those people are users and are in your circle for a reason.  A real friend will take the time to not only water the soil that grows your friendship tree, but she will be there to rake the leaves from around you when they fall off.  We all need at least one other person to trust, to love and to water our soil and our soul.  Who do you call a friend?

Water represents a clear understanding-Metaphysical Bible Dictionary

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