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I’m Tickled Pink

“Laughter is a powerful way to tap positive emotions.” Norman Cousins

This is one of the greatest pieces of advice a person can ever get.  Why?  Because It is true.  I was the victim of racism at a previous job. It was frightening, maddening, scary, sad and most of all difficult.  I wanted to quit.  I wanted to let them have their job and just walk away. I couldn’t though.  I am so stubborn.  I needed them to look at me and know that I would fight for me and that I would fight for what was right. I did.  For eighteen months I showed up every day on time with a smile.  When they said anything racist to me I just laughed.  It changed my mood and my mind and confused the hell out of them.  When they didn’t give me all of the information needed or deleted things from my computer I laughed.  Again, they were confused.  Every day that I showed up pissed them off.  Every day that I laughed at an impossible situation in their face, it pissed them off.  Every time that I hurdled over  their Olympic sized bullshit, it made them mad.  They had no idea what to do with me.  I laughed to keep from crying, but they didn’t know that.  I laughed to keep from becoming the Black Woman they had created in their small minds.  I laughed to maintain my sanity and to keep them safe.  I laughed last and best.  Laughter is indeed powerful.  Try it.  Just bust out laughing for no reason.  It is just as contagious as yawning.

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