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I Don’t See Why Not

“Why not is a slogan for an interesting life.” Mason Cooley

My husband and I went to dinner one night and we wanted one of the specials, but we didn’t want what it came with.  We asked the waiter if we could substitute for something different.  Her response blew us away.  “I don’t see why not.”  That was awesome.  We were so used to hearing that you can’t change a special because of this or that until we were almost hesitant to ask.  We have taken that “I don’t see why not”, and we have incorporated it into so many other things in our marriage. It is funny because not only did we incorporate it into our marriage, but we would ask to be seated with that server every time we ate at that restaurant.  We even tipped her one time and we weren’t in her section.  I truly appreciated her response and her service.  Since we have taken the “I don’t see why not” attitude we have done things that we probably wouldn’t have done before.  You only live once.  Don’t waste it second guessing.

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