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Happy Passover

It is that time of the year again. The time of the year where the Coptic’s are in their holy season.  It is Passover.  What a beautiful time to work with the Great I Am and show him your work so that he can show you his faith.

I was lying in bed the other day with everything turned off.  I had the window open and I just listened to the sounds of the world.  I love doing that. Sometimes we miss the great stuff because we are in such a rush.  I listened and I heard the birds chirping and people moving around outside.  I heard the leaves on the trees rustling against the wind and it made me smile.  I stayed like that for about an hour.  I just listened.

When I finally closed my eyes to pray the connection I felt was amazing.  I vanished to a inner place that I don’t think I would have appreciated if I had not sat and listened.

I have to say that I am more spiritual than I am religious.  I am more in tune with the overall aspect of God and what it means to celebrate him.  I am not concerned with the going to church every Sunday because I have done that already and for many years I was so caught up in the coming and the going that I missed the celebration between me and my God.  Passover is a little different.  I believe that I must keep the Passover because the Passover is truly what keeps me.  During the holy season there is an opportunity for me to get closer to the Great I Am which means that I can also get closer to myself.

I celebrate my spirituality and I give myself 100% to the process of the Passover. People often ask me what I believe.  I don’t think that they are asking because they are truly interested.  Most of the time they are asking me so that they can challenge what I say.  It is funny because I am not sure how you challenge someone’s spirituality.  I was born like this. I did not make myself this way.  Once people understand that they will no longer ask you what you believe because they will understand that you literally are what you believe.

I have been blessed in ways that I could never explain.  I sit back in awe of how awesome my life has been.  Perfect?  No.  Awesome?  Absolutely.

All I can say at this point, is that if you don’t know what you believe or if you are searching then you simply have to do what I did twenty-six years ago.  I stood in the bathroom with the water running and I looked in the mirror and I said over and over, “I Am that I Am God”.  I said it until I understood it.  You will know.  Once you get it, you will never have to look for it again.  I spent a great deal of time researching the ancient Coptic religion and metaphysics.  The things that I found all made sense to me because they aligned with how I lived my life and what I believed anyway.

I had a hard time with the disappointments that I experienced in the church setting, but once I removed myself from that environment I grew substantially.  People can only take you as far as they have reached and it is up to you to go the rest of the way.  I found that the people that I had loved and admired would not understand my desire to continue my growth outside of the structured environment of the church.  That was hard, but ok.  I am in it for me and not for shape, form or fashion.  Jesus travelled from city to city preaching and did not have a church home in one place.  The doctrine was his anchor not the people.  The message is delivered to those who believe.

“In my father’s house are many mansions.”  John 14:2

Find your place and don’t allow people or circumstances to make you feel badly about it.

Happy Passover

The Writer

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