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Doing Your Own Thing

Yesterday I thought about starting a business of my own. I thought for a long time about what that would look like. I love books as you probably already know and what I would like to do is open my own rare bookstore. I thought about what that would mean and what type of money it would take to start such a store, and I got excited. I love when ideas get me excited.

This morning I woke up grinning about the idea and couldn’t wait to get to a computer to do more research. There is nothing like being your own boss, saying who, when, where, and how much (sound like Pretty Woman). The thing that I have always told my children is that owning your own business does not give you the type of freedom that they have in mind. Customers still have to be considered, and that changes the game. Who would my customers be? That is at the top of my list. How would they find me? Where am I getting these rare books? All great things to look into.

If you are a writer, I’m guessing that you already know what happened next. I can’t help myself. I started to outline a story. Everything in my life is a poem or a story. Not all of them are great or even good, but that is just the nature of this beast that is me.

So, in the midst of looking into my rare book business, I have also found a story that has been chatting in the back of my mind all morning, and it is exciting as well. Instead of one list, I have three. Amazing how my imagination works. For those of you who understand Metaphysics, you understand the power of Bartholomew and how he works. I am a firm believer in this gift.

Ever-so-how, as the old people say, I have found something to keep me busy and to invigorate me. I’m doing my own thing! What are you doing?

The Writer

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