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Birth of a Nation

There is nothing better than realizing your full potential.  When we realize who we are and what we are capable of doing there is nothing that can hold us back from the greatness that is promised to us.

Watching Birth of a Nation evoked feelings in me that I had never experienced.  The beginning of the film introduces you to the child that Nat Turner was and how he became to be a preacher among the slaves.

I’m sure that there will be people that will not agree with or like this post and that is ok.  To each his own. I believe that the Bible was the biggest participant in the hypocrisy that is America, even more than the constitution.  Slave owners used what they called God to control based on certain text within the Bible and never using that text to refer to themselves.

Nat Turner was taken from plantation to plantation to preach to the slaves so that they would continue to obey and not revolt.  This did two things: #1 It allowed Nat Turner the opportunity to understand just how powerful his voice was. #2 It afforded him an understanding deeper than any he received standing in a pulpit.  He was able to see that for every verse slave owner’s used against them there was another to empower them.

Why was that important to know? Africa is a spiritual Continent.  God chose Africa for the Garden of Eden and the home of the first man and woman. If it were meant to be America God could have put the garden here.  He did not.  It was in Africa for a reason.  Don’t think for one minute that the slave capturers just showed up and started collecting slaves.  No. They watched and they studied and they picked the weak among the tribes and bribed them for help. Sound familiar?

The Bible was not introduced in Africa until a little over 100 years ago.  So, slaves were stolen from their homeland, robbed of their birthright, names and beliefs and brought to America if they were lucky enough to survive the voyage.  Once in America they were sold on auction blocks, raped, sodimized, tortured, forced to work from sun up to sun down, fed scraps and dressed in sacks.  Some people will tell you that African Americans need to get over it.  That is never going to happen nor should it.

Birth of a Nation is criticized for a graphic rape scene (The Hollywood Reporter) I did not see a graphic rape scene. Maybe that was taken out of the movie prior to full theatrical release.  I however, would have left it in.  People need to know what slavery really looked like.  It was not glamorous and it was not ok.  Requesting another man’s wife for sexual favors is not ok. Beating a woman until she is unrecognizable and within an inch of her life is not ok. Do we not see the hypocrisy?  Those who think that slavery was ok will direct you to this quote “Bid slaves to be submissive to their masters and to give satisfaction in every respect; they are not to be refractory, nor to pilfer, but to show entire and true fidelity.” Titus 2:9. Really?  Who wrote the bible?  God did not write the Bible.  Jesus did not write the bible.  The bible only has as much power as you give it and slave owners already knew that, so they encouraged slaves to give it all power.    IF they believed in the Bible the same as they taught slaves to believe in the Bible then we would not be having this conversation.  We can start with the basics, “Thou shalt not steal.”  End of conversation right?

Birth of a Nation is a great film. Some will like it and some wont.  To each his own.  I loved the movie.

What was the message? I keep getting asked this question.  The message is very simple.  Stand for something or fall for anything.  Don’t take wooden nickels.  Believe in yourself. If you have to choose between taking a stand and not taking a stand and by not taking the stand your situation gets worse or stays the same then you should take the stand.  Why?  Because you have nothing to lose.  “But he died at the end.”  We all are going to die at the end, but he chose when he died and how died.  He died for what he believed in.  Would you die for a belief?  Do you feel that strongly about one single thing? If not, then you have some work to do.

I know that Nate Parker was accused of rape.  I also know that he was acquitted.  Rape is the nastiest thing that one person can do to another.  I despise women that cry rape and are lying.  That is not something to take lightly.  I also despise men who rape.  I think that the punishment for rape should be death.  I really do, but we must be certain that it was in fact rape.

America, the place where you are innocent until proven guilty.  Really?  This man was not proven guilty, but still seventeen years after this incident he is being treated as though he were guilty.  Why? Because this film could have really made a difference.  Have you asked yourself what they didn’t want you to see?  What was it about this film that they didn’t want you to realize?  There are so many ways to play tricks on the mind. If you didn’t like the film, I challenge you to ask yourself why not.  If you want to share the reason please do.  If you choose not to challenge yourself to think or to share those thoughts great keep them to yourself.

It is always easier to look at what we are shown instead of looking past that and actually seeing for ourselves.  Don’t fall for the okee doke.

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