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A Star Is A Star Even During Daylight

It’s not what happens to you. It’s what you do BEFORE IT, DURING IT, AND AFTER IT-Alan Weiss

There are so many things that I could say about this quote, but I won’t. The one takes away that I have for this quote is that you must always remember to be you. Don’t change based off what someone did or did not do. Don’t change based on what someone did or did not say. Don’t lose who you are in the midst of someone else’s mess or drama.

I am a woman, and I know what I think about certain situations, and sometimes I want to be the shit shoveler, but sometimes I am the shit (take that how you need it). The truth of the matter is that no matter what I am in the situation, I should remember always to be me.

Sometimes I am the salt in your wound and other the salt in your tears; the reality is that I am still salt. Water does not change what it is for oil; it simply realizes that they cannot and will not mix. Oil does not change what it is for water, it simply is what it is and eventually it will be realized that the two cannot mix. It is how they are made. How they are structured. Oil doesn’t tell sugar not to dissolve in water because it would not change for him. Sugar knows that even though her form changes she is still who she is because of the sweetness she brings to the water. Follow me? If not, you will at some point. Wait for it. The realization is one that you will not forget. It will make you laugh and make you cry because once you have it, you have realized that you are in fact aware of your worth and that is priceless.

“To thine own self-be true.”-William Shakespeare

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